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Innovative Medisoft

Creating Efficiency and Transparency

Innovative Medisoft, a young IT company has grown by leaps and bounds in just a few years. Today it can boast of a long client list who have turned company ambassadors out of their rich and satisfying experience with us. At Innovative Medisoft we don't create Clients; we build relations.
Our team is composed of highly skilled Information Technology professionals. We help grow Medium Enterprises into Large Organisations and Firms into Companies by our Technological support and Vision. We aim to be known worldwide for our quality products and services.

  • 2017

    We've Arrived

    Full fledged commercial launch of Med-E-Nova versions to suit the needs and requirements of single doctor clinic to Multispeciality hospitals. Low cost of Med-E-Nova models accompanied with optional monthly payment plan is an Icing on Cake for Health Professionals with progressive minds who have the capacity to visualise the future of Computerisation in Health Sector.

  • 2016

    We Were Noticed

    Innovative Medisoft test launched its Flagship product; Med-E-Nova, the Hospital Information Management Software. Med-E-Nova was a product designed out of Years of Experience in Health Care Industry and involved a dedicated team of Experts having diversified talents. Med-E-Nova, by its Innovatice Concept has a potential of bringing out a revolutionary change in the work ethos of Health Organisations.

  • 2015

    We Grew Fast

    Innovative Medisoft established itself as a leading IT company specialising in providing IT solutions such as Web Development, SEO and Video Optimisation, Graphic designing etc.

  • 2014

    We Were Born

    Innovative Medisoft was born in the year 2014 with a Vision to turn Dreams into Reality. The company was started with strong faith in unlimited possibilities and opportunities. The core activity of the company was development of Hospital Information Management Software.


Web Development Team

Loves to use new ideas in creating responsive websites with dynamic and easy-to-manage content. They want to give website visitors the best experience by applying innovative technologies in web design and development.

Video Optimization Team

You can get a full-service professional video. The team is keen on making standardized formats through merging videos, re-arranging footage, removing unwanted content, sequencing the shots, and more. They are passionate in enriching videos and giving life to them.

Software and Mobile Team

Provides business solutions by creating business oriented applications and mobile software. Very flexible in using different programming languages. Aside from programming skills, they have excellent problem solving skills; needed to create future innovations.

SEO Team

Includes content writers and strategists with extensive and tactical skills who are hooked to social media and internet marketing. They love helping people find what they’re searching for and use the best tools in SEO.

Graphics Team

The team is not just skilled and innovative designers, they’re artists. They are experts in a variety of graphics editing programs and can seamlessly integrate them to give you incredible designs.